Endpoint: https://perfectdomain.com/affiliate.api

Method: GET or POST

  • Params:
    • - partnerid*: required your unique partner id
      - verify_key*: required your request verify key
      - keyword: an optional string - should not contains spaces or be too long
      - extension: an optional string - exclude the DOT
      - from: listed for sale date - format yyyy-mm-dd
      - to: listed for sale date - format yyyy-mm-dd
      - order: high_value, low_value, price_high, price_low, a_z, z_a - default is a_z
      - offset: an optional integer - the default is 0
      - limit: an optional integer from 1 to 100 - the default is 100

Return: JSON object - {status: (boolean), matched: (integer), msg: (string), domains: (array)}

Affiliate API For Advanced Users

We provide a search API to enable you to access our huge inventory of domains. Search quickly and easily and find out whether your perfect domain is up for sale.


To place a banner on your website, simply copy the respective HTML code and insert it in the appropriate area on your webpage. The code includes tracking parameters to ensure you receive referral credit.

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Your referral statistics

Keep track of how many users you have invited and how many domains have been purchased and sold via your Partner ID.

Tracking Your Revenue

Keep track of all the revenue you've made via the affiliate program.